Found this website just random surfing http://www.edenbee.com/

It's a good concept, a social network with an environmental theme. As a profile you are asked to complete a Lifestyle questionnaire which then outputs how 'Environment Friendly' you are :) You can even calculate your Carbon Footprint by taking into account your usage/consumption of various resources and so on.

There are some really active threads on various topics. A stark difference from other social networking sites and this one, IMO, is that though the number of users on edenbee is just a few thousand, it is a big bunch of similar thinking people so there is a lot of synergy.

If you join in, send me a shout out! My profile is http://www.edenbee.com/users/bigfoot


Political crap

A politician giving condolences: "If it had not been Sandeep's house, not even a dog would have glanced that way"

A politician respecting a martyr's family: "It is Sandeep's family and that is why we went. A soldier's father should have had the sense to understand that"

For anyone not already aware of this, PLEASE read this. In fact he has further said that he won't apologize.

This 'politician' is a Chief Minister ...

For the record, I feel Mr. Unnikrishnan is a proud father and he was not ready to take any crap from Mr. Kerala CM. Way to go Sir! We are proud of your son and we are proud of you!

The Fourth Estate?

"To get latest updates on Mumbai Terror attack, SMS ... " is for me the one line that sums up the state of the Fourth Estate; the media, newspapers ... our 'messengers from around the world'. A broad (make that extremely broad) perspective of looking at the media's handling of whatever has happened in the past 60 hours might seem like they were just doing their job; in the face of severe competition amongst themselves and blah. But, personally I think, there is line that just shouldn't be crossed.

"We have just heard a loud explosion! We have just heard an explosion! On second thought it was maybe just a loud gun-shot ... there was a gun-shot ... yes there was a gun-shot!" Next - running with the cameraman ... reaching the police barricade ... grabbing hold of a policeman ... "Sir what was that? Was it an explosion?" Policeman doesn't say a word ... pester him ... pester him more ... "Please move back". Moving back ... refocusing the camera ... "As you can see we have confirmed that there was indeed ... something! And as you can see we have been alerted to expect more!" There was something? Bird-crap maybe? Not that it will matter or make a difference, but I have lost any ounce of respect that I had for Barkha Dutt. What are you, a sooth-sayer?

"As you can see there is a big building behind me with fire at the top. These pictures exclusively on channel ... to know more of what is going to happen stay with us!" So now they know beforehand what is 'going to' happen? Of course they do! They have the experts don't they? "Sir if you could stop chewing the cap off that pen and talk some bullshit. Goddamit, we are paying you for that! W are out of sensational pics of buildings on fire at the moment. No no, stop cleaning your nose, the camera is on you now ..."

"Just a moment sir! Just a moment! We will continue our discussion but first I am going to immediately go back to our reporter xyz who has some breaking news! xyz can you hear me? Can you hear me? Speak to me man!" Half the screen shows the expert still shuffling papers, the other half is now with the 'ground-zero' reporter. "What just happened xyz?" ... static ... "Yes! Yes! As you can see (we can?) something major seems to have happened here! Some people are coming this way, some are going that way so clearly ... there are a lot of people. We don't want to speculate but ... something is going on ... or someone is going somewhere ... back to you!"

"Yes indeed a ground breaking revelation from our on-field reporter there! Bringing you all the latest happenings from the zone!"

Why does the media treat us as fools? Why is it that every news channel seems like an Ekta Kapoor serial instead of giving serious hard news? Major Sandip Unnikrishnan, a 31 year old, laid down his life trying to protect his comrade at the Nariman House while leading from the front. A person who, when he could have saved his own life, chose to go back in the face of terrorist fire to save his comrade. "Are you surprised that he chose to lead from the front?" is definitely not something to be questioned about him when interviewing his friends and family! Its' shameful!

Every single channel was reporting its own fake figures before and after the entire operation was completed. For example upwards of 60 young men entered Mumbai in small inflatable boats on Wednesday night was a popular figure at many places. Even before the security forces allowed Mr Ratan Tata to survey the damage at the Taj Hotel, all channels were already reporting the number of dead bodies at that place along with the amount that 'will' be required to restore the entire hotel.

Nothing will change. Tomorrow the media will cash in on another incident. Everyone of us will watch ... some will believe, some will debate, some will mock and ridicule, others like me will choose to write and vent out their ire. But nothing will bring any change to the Fourth Estate.

Addition (30 Nov '08):
News channels have been harping all day long calling this tragedy as India's 9/11. Firstly, I am not a really big fan of reducing such tragedies to catchy dates like 7/7 and 9/11 and blah. But now I feel ashamed of the media. Don't you guys know the proper date? And even that totally leaves out the relevant fact, that this attack on India was fundamentally different than the 9/11 tragedy that happened in the US. Is it a sin to recognize this as an Indian tragedy? What are the chances they even start calling this 'India's equivalent of Pakistan's J W Marriot tragedy' some time later? Aren't there any morals left in you? Why don't you pick some action movie thriller and sensationalize that???

Addition (3 Dec '08):
Putting up a few links of blogs/petitions sharing my view that I have expressed here.

Twin horrors strike Mumbai: Terrorists and TV journalists
... thanks Manjunath

Small Change - a petition to the High Court against the insensitive and irresponsible portrayal done by the media
... thanks Srinidhi

We are not pushovers ...

Some time back I read a post by Jayanth on his blog, which I found very intriguing, not just for the reality that he has very well pointed out but for the theme/jist of what he has written. I just didn't have enough clarity to write something that I too felt about these issues, all this while. However, today's attack on Mumbai somehow prompts me to write this: We Indians are not pushovers ... you'll have to do way more than that to scare us you bastards!

Ok, this post might in the end turn out to be a condemnation of whatever has happened. It might turn out to be a gut-wrenching terrorism abuse session. Maybe a salutory message to the martyrs, maybe condolences for the deceased, maybe all of this or none at all ... what I do intend to write is about the pride I feel about our security forces not letting those fools kick our ass around and dictate terms to us. As I am writing this, a large part of the threat has been negated.

Our security forces don't get enough credit, in my honest opinion. One of our country's immediate neighbours in the north (you know which one) has bomb attacks in the numbers in which we burst crackers in diwali; that doesn't happen here. Sure, there is gonna be endless criticism of the kind of 'how come they weren't patrolling the Gateway? The terrorists came in through there so easily' ... we have 7517 km coastline ... yes, maybe they were caught napping but with that big an attack region we are always vulnerable. 11 places were taken hostage at the same time, as of now, only two are left one of which is undergoing a clean-up operation.

Its a thing of pride that we didn't rollover and let them bone us for fun. With the number of foreign nationals involved this could have spiralled into an international issue with peace keeping forces in the end having to supply food packets to the hostages and the terrorists for God only knows how long ...

For the extreme critic, my friend, shit happens. It's a part of life. It has happened in US, it has happened in UK, it happened here. Ok. Lets move on.

I am still not clear enough on what to write. So I'll end by saying this, "Celebrate the martyr! Honor his honor and be proud of his sacrifice!"

Jai Hind!

too soon?

Song for the mood: Where do fallen angels go? - Aerosmith

I needed one word
just one ... alone
missing piece for a puzzle
lost note in a tune

Searched high searched low
morning to high noon
left it when the sun set, maybe
I gave up too soon?

... its not yet complete ... although I can't or couldn't think of much else. Will try to finish it some other time :)

Leave your comments anyways ...

Our new television

Song for the mood: Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin

Gooth bought a new TV. I am not gonna say anything more except, have a look at the pics ...

Topical Anchors - User participation experiment

An acquaintance of mine, Aditya, from college, is conducting a very cool experiment on Topical Anchors. You can check out an extended post on the same on Mandar's blog.

For those of you who would wanna go straight to the experiment page and participate, here's that link.

I would urge you to go ahead and take part, it is a very cool experiment and would give Aditya a fine set of answers on which to base his further studies on the same topic. It is only till the end of this month I suppose. On a off note, I went for the 100 questions long review! Hee haw!

Its electric!

Song for the mood: Coming Back To Life - Pink Floyd

I finally bought what I wanted to for a very long time! An electric guitar! \m/

Its a Samick AV3 Greg Bennett Avion. You can read a few reviews here

Eric Clapton, here I come!

A Wednesday

Song for the mood: I am Awake - Qi Mono
"I am just the stupid common man ..."
cannot be said in a more poignant way than Naseeruddin Shah's character says in the movie 'A Wednesday'. However a common man must the character have been in the story, Naseeruddin Shah is no common actor, and this is no run-of-the-mill fantasy drama. This is brutal honesty which is just too rare on celluloid.

To summarize the movie, it portrays a day in the life of a city being held at ransom by a man, Naseeruddin Shah, wanting the handover of four terrorists. Oblivious to the populace, the man claims to the police to have planted 4 bombs in busy locations of the city which he will blow up killing thousands of innocent people, if those four terrorists are not handed over to him by the end of the day. To prove to the commissioner, played by Anupam Kher, that he is not kidding he leads them to a bomb planted right under their noses, in the police station itself. The day then unfolds with the police trying to trace this 'mastermind' in vain but finally having to succumb to his demands and handover the four terrorists. What happens after the terrorists are handed over is something worth spending the 2 hours that the movie spans.
"What do you do when a cockroach enters your home? You kill it. That is exactly what I am doing. These cockroaches have entered my house and made it dirty. I am just cleaning my house today ..."
If the idea of a common man out to get revenge for his friends and family does not make you even blink, watch 'A Wednesday'. Its not gonna make your eyes pop out because that is not what the movie is about. This movie will make you think and that is hard to expect and much harder to deliver.
"My wife calls me every one hour to ask if I have eaten, if I am feeling well, if the travel has been all right ... she is infact calling to check if I am alive"
Not all that fantastic really. Its quite true, quite honest. How many bomb blasts have we seen in recent times? How many innocent people have died in those dastardly acts committed by misled morons, be it Mumbai or Delhi or Bangalore or any city of India? How many times have we had to just pick up our lives and get on with it? Imagine for a moment what would happen if one of us decides "enough is enough" and you have the premise of this movie.

Watch it. That's all I am going to say.

My picks from the movie:
  • Naseeruddin Shah. What an actor! I have new respect for you sir. He is no doubt our finest.
  • The story. Very realistically set even if the main thread is a bit fantastic. Someone please make Johars and Ekta Kapoors watch this movie and then ask them to stop making whatever trash it is that they are.
  • The conversation between Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah in the climax of the movie. The common man explains his side to the commissioner of the police. Anupam Kher turns in a really fine role himself.
Will end with an excerpt from the same conversation.
"I am not able to understand you or your demands. They are strange."

"My reasons and my demands are strange, are they? Why? If they kill two hundred like me its ok but if I kill just four of them it's strange for you? But it isn't your mistake. It is after all what you are taught to expect from us isn't it? Live like a common man, bear it all like a common man ... and die like a common man"
This is no common movie ... period.

One of those days

Ever felt too bored, like on a sleepless summer night?
Can't think clear, just don't feel right?
The hands of the clock have caught your gaze?
This, today, is like one of those days...

You're sitting idle, but you got a lot to do
but you're fed up of the work, and work hates you too?
Your coffee's gone cold, it was the tenth? anyways,
This, today, is like one of those days...

Its time for lunch, but even eating's a pain
Is that rice or some uncooked grain?
for company all you have is the spoon on your tray
This, today, is like one of those days...

There's still a lot to do, and not much time!
But who gives a damn when you're losing your mind?
Every hour now feels like a hundred Mondays
This, today, is like one of those days...

Now you start to talk! But only let out a sigh
Every other sound is like the buzzing of a fly
your sanity and you have just parted ways...
This, today, is like one of those days...

Long walk home

Walked from Brigade Road to HAL Airport yesterday night after dinner. Yahoo Maps says that's a bit more than 8 km.

We hadn't planned it really, just got bored of waiting for the bus.
Speaking of which, 'tis pretty difficult to get transportation after 9:30pm in Bengaluru, or at least in some parts of the city, if I have to sound logical :P

Good Morning!

RIP Richard Wright

Richard Wright, founder, keyboardist and pianist for Pink Floyd passed away on 15th September, 2008 of cancer.
Richard Wright was an influential musician. His richly textured keyboard playing was a big part of the psychedelic/progressive sound of Pink Floyd. Not one to hog all the limelight, he was the pivotal rhythm man among the fab four.

It's just shocking. Here I was hoping for a Pink Floyd reunion.

God knows, maybe the heavens need to be psyched up!

Rest in Peace Richard. You'll be missed.

Quoting from 'Us and Them' from the album 'Dark Side of the Moon', one of his compositions.

Down and out
It can't be helped but there's a lot of it about.
With, without.
And who'll deny its what the fighting's all about?
Out of the way, its a busy day
I've got things on my mind.
For the want of the price of tea and a slice
The old man died

The most of this month ...

Song for the mood: Avengi Ja Nahin - Rabbi

What have I heard most in the past month, stuff, from people, in general ...
1. Such a short hair-cut! Tirupati?
2. Bangalore roads suck!
3. Dude, you've lost weight ... enough ... how much do you want to lose?
4. Tirupati?
5. No work in office ...
5. Dude, you've put on a bit. Join a gym or something ...
6. Bangalore traffic sucks!
7. Are you following Amir Khan style? (in reference to Amir's Ghajini style)
8. Too much work in office ...
9. We should go somewhere on the weekend :-P

Yes, such is life ...

Lady drivers

Song for the mood: Livin' lovin' maid - Led Zeppelin

So, there's this lady driving a Qualis. When she's about to join the main road from the service lane, she takes her hand off the wheel, looks up (to God) and joins both her hands to mutter a small prayer. All this while the car is cruising along a busy Outer Ring Road at past 6:00 in the evening.

Lady, I only hope you were praying for everyone else on the road at that time.

That's why we eat paan ... oh Newtonwa ...

Song for the mood: Khaike Paan Banaraswala - Kishore Kumar

Overheard in the elevator, yesterday.

"You know Newton right?"

"Of course!"

"Ok ok, so you would be knowing about his First Law ..."


"Newton's First Law. You know, the one about ... "

"Ya ya, so what about it?"

" ... bodies in rest or motion. A body that is in motion continues to be in motion ... and etc etc"

"Huh ... hmmm ... err ... "

"Sooo, when we eat we are technically in motion. Our body is moving, internally"

"... ok ..."

"And that is why after lunch we have to slowly bring it to rest"

"Is that so?"

"And that is why we eat paan ... to slowly bring the body to rest"
Bet you didn't know that! Did you?

A day at a time

Song for the mood: Neele Gagan Ke Talein - Mohd. Rafi

Picture this - its early in the morning, about 6:30 or 7:00 am. You are looking out into the morning sun as he too breaks his sleep, stretching out his rays one at a time. A light breeze has wrapped you within itself. You can hear the sweet gurgling sound of water in the stream. You feel calm. Composed. Still drowsy. The breeze gets stronger, you shiver a bit but its enjoyable, especially with the hot tea that you are sipping peacefully. Aah, the sweet melodies of the stream water ... the sweet smell of the wet earth! The breeze is getting stronger and stronger now. Maybe you need to brace yourself. What's this? The sound of the river has ... gone. Vanished! And what's that strange sound? Clang! Clang! What is happening? More sounds ... humans? Animals? There's that clanging again! And then suddenly, the sun goes out ...

Before you scratch your head, lets give you the real deal:
- It is 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning. The only reason you are up at such an hour is so that you can take a warm water bath before the power cut comes along, which can come at anytime "between 6:00 to 10:00am for public convenience"
- You are sipping a cup of tea. How peacefully you sip it depends on how well did you make it.
- You are standing in the balcony of your first floor apartment block which is so well packed on all sides by other buildings that it is always very calm.
- It is cold at such a time in the morning here in Bengaluru. So cold that the hair oil has become a hair gel. Light breeze my ass!
- Wet earth is the nice little muddy path in front of the building. Yes, muddy which is originally sandy. Then, with the extremely large amounts of washing water thrown out by ladies in the nearby places and overnight rainfall (sometimes) it becomes ... muddy.
- There is a drainage pipe that runs on the side of your building it happens to pass along side the balcony. So anytime, anyone in the entire building flushes his *cough* toilet *cough* you can hear the sweet sound of the water gurgling ...
- There are a lot of bhajiwallas that brave the muddy streets everyday morning. Animals? Read as 'dogs'
- Someone in the nearby vicinity performs puja in the morning. During the same he bangs plates together. Yes, he takes two steel plates and bangs them together ... repeatedly!
- Finally our rising sun. It is the toilet light of the first floor apartment across the wet earth path. No wonder the sun goes out many times in the morning ... ;)

A day at a time. A single day at a time. And every day begins like ... this ... :)

Welcome oh life! We missed you ...

Ever bought a soap?

Song for the mood: Money for Nothing - Dire Straits

Have you ever bought a bar of washing soap? Specifically the one used to wash utensils; plates, spoons etc., have you?

I have moved in into a new place, am no longer at Electronics City. I stay at Airport Road. The one thing for sure after a month now at the new place is, I miss my mom a lot!

So anyways, almost everyday I realize that something is needed and that I have to go and get it. One of the earliest such realizations was concerning a soap for washing dishes. Yeah! Fruits, snacks, smelly plates, stinking kitchen --- you can do the math there.

I ended up at a general store and told the shopkeeper to give me a washing soap. He dutifully handed me a Cinthol bar. I told him I need a utensils washing soap, or the way I said it, in hindi
"bartan ghisne ka sabun"
Somewhere between the parallels of my Hindi and his Kannada, this caused some severe disturbance which prompted him to make a long face, the kind which is usually seen at condolence meetings. Please note that at this point, I wasn't able to recollect names of any washing soap brands. So what I did do was, a small enactment of how we wash dishes...

First I enacted how a plate is washed, he handed me a Harpic toilet cleaner. So, now I enacted how a spoon is washed, upon which the lady standing next to me in the store gave me a very stern look, while the shopkeeper managed a muffled laugh. Why did they laugh? Try enacting how you'll wash a spoon, and you'll get the point. Yeah, you got it now?

Somehow, the other guy in the shop caught hold of the words 'spoon', 'plate' and to my relief he finally handed me a bar of VIM soap. The upside of the episode, embarassing ore otherwise, was that I ended up with all kinds of washing soaps which were all required.

So, ever bought a soap?

Kya aap panchvi paas hain?

Song for the mood: Teacher's Pet - School of Rock

Disclaimer: This has absolutely nothing to do with the television game show of the same name.
"You don't need more than standard 5 maths to solve this puzzle."
This Friday, me and Vijay were chatting for a very long time with Mandar. Anyways, so Mandar recently put up a really cool puzzle on his blog, which, during our long conversation he posed to us. Check out the puzzle first.

Ok, so me and Vijay were Harry and Draco and Mandar naturally became the great wizard (don't say anything). So we started. Below are the excerpts of what Harry and Draco said, while the Great Wizard left speechless owing to our abilities ...
"Mandar, I think this is an infinite series"
No it isn't ...
"See, the same term can't appear on the board twice, so at some point of time you'll exhaust all possible numbers"
Some semblance of hope for Mandar, or was it?
"I got it! I got it! The larger number should progress to the smaller number in steps of the size of the smaller number ... no wait ... but there is a number on the board smaller than the smaller number ... so is that ... smaller?"
Yes. How good are we! 5th standard maths is such a piece of cake!
"I am confused"

So Mandar finally had to step in. Patiently, he took a few examples and solved it out for us. It worked out that you need to find the smallest number that is 'somehow' yes somehow related to both of the original numbers and then divide the larger number by that somehow-number to figure out how many turns can be played in total. Accordingly you can decide whether you should play first or your opponent should be made to. So what is this somehow-number?
"Hey it's called a co-prime! Yes, co-prime ... right?"
"Arre moron! Smallest possible number related to both ... its common sense ... it is their LCM"
Wrong again, especially since LCM or Least Common Multiple is larger than or equal to the larger of the two numbers.
"If it is not LCM then it has to be that other common thing yaar. Ummm ... ya! GCD!"
Yes, the somehow-number is the GCD of the two. The whole process of computing the GCD and then dividing the largest number etc etc is called Euclid's Algorithm, which according to Mandar we have studied in Standard 5.

So, kya ham panchvi paas hain?

Hello. Hellooooo ...

Song for the mood: Hello I Love You - Doors

One of the most irritating experiences is when you get a call, you attend it saying "Hello" but no one responds from the other end. Yes, it has happened with everyone ... yesterday, a week ago, maybe a few months ago, once upon a time ... but yes, once in your life you were left saying repeated "Hellooooo"(s) on the phone. At such times it is, although, better to keep down the phone after the first "Hellooooo" so that they don't turn into the choicest of nice and nicer words.
Hello. Hellooooo! Arre Hellooooo!
After having to Hellooooo for about 5-6 times in a single day, it is quite natural to lose your cool.
(Click) I dunno who the f*** is calling ...
Moreover, the prankster at the other end doesn't wait on the line for long. A few seconds that's all. So by the time you are through with the 'Hellooooo' and have begun to user nicer language, the person is no longer on the line.
Hel ... (Click) ... I'll get this f****r next time! Let him call again!
The important thing to remember is, always receive the call by saying, "Hello"
You asshole! You wasted f**k! Can't you mind your own business ... stop wasting my time you piece of s**t! Hello ... Hellooooo ...
Yes, very important. The word 'Hello' ... remember ... lightning doesn't strike the same place too many times.
For the last time ... f**k off! Go get a life man! Don't waste my goddamn time! Get that straight you bloody asshole! Got that, ASSHOLE! ... Hello ... He ... ? ... ! ... :O ... (shit) ... good evening sir ...
The above narration is about a true incident that happened about 6 years ago, and contrary to popular opinion after reading the article, it did not happen to the author. Further, all this is strictly in the context of land line phones ... so please do not put your detective hats on and think of caller IDs. Hello. Hello. Hellooooo ...


Song for the mood: Echoes --- Pink Floyd

I woke up a bit late today morning. I didn't give much thought to brushing my teeth and taking a bath and all those 'worldly things'. When I finally did brush me teeth I was watching TV at the same time ... hadn't done that in quite a while. I had my tea leisurely, sipped it so slowly that it had gone cold by the time I finished it. Then out of sheer habit I checked my mail.

Till 9:00 today morning I was starting to get into vacation mode. You know vacation, the time when you actually have enough time to feel bored after wasting enough time in the first place ... yes precisely. Then I read the joining date on my offer letter, 1st July, and realized this is my last vacation ... and it is not starting, it is almost done ...

Now let me interject here before any purist starts to point me to any dictionary meanings. A vacation for me, this far in life, was something that came twice a year, lasting at least a month anytime. There was always enough time for me to begin the vacation as, "I need a long break ... " and end it as, "... but not this long."


There is this scene in some movie that I can recall where a woman is panicking just a couple days before her marriage is about to take place and one of the things she says is, "Is he gonna be the last man I ever sleep with?". Well,
"is this the last time I have been 'given' time for the sole purpose of wasting it?"
What I wouldn't do now for those summer vacations again! 2 months of blissful ignorance of everything that is beyond cricket, bicycles and mangoes! The next time if and when a vacation comes it won't be given ... I'll actually be taking it ... sounds so ridiculous that I should kick myself!

Oh, but tis true!

Maybe if I pinch myself hard enough I'll wake up in standard 4th and realize that all this was just a big bad dream I had when I dozed off in math class. Sure, maybe I'll get punished; stand on the bench with your arms in the air ... write 'I won't sleep in class a hundred times on the board' ... get your calendar signed by your parents ... blah blah ... but soon then summer vacations will come around ... 2 months of blissful ignorance of everything that is beyond cricket, bicycles and mangoes ...

Friday the 13th

Song for the mood: On a day like Today --- Bryan Adams

There is a weird notion of 'bad-luck' associated with this date, Friday the 13th. A small read of the wikipedia article will tell you that the day is not feared for any associated history with it apart from the fact that the day 'Friday' and the number '13' are both considered unlucky. Talk about adding up fears! The fear of this day is also called paraskavedekatriaphobia ... I bit my own tongue trying to pronounce it. It is a version (yeah, version) of the fear associated with the number 13 which is known as triskaidekaphobia. I didn't even try to pronounce that one ...

Anyways, bad luck or good luck or something else, Friday the 13th of this month, proved to be good in the end for a lot of us in college. Me and 5 others got selection news for IBM. 3 others got Oracle offers and 1 person got an awesome offer for Texas Instruments. Congratulations to all you guys! (and me too of course ... )

For some interesting reading check out this article on the fear of 13 on mathworld. The most interesting snippet from the article says, in a study conducted by the British Medical Journal which analyzed the relation between health, behavior, and superstition surrounding Friday 13th in the United Kingdom by comparing the ratio of traffic volume to traffic accidents on Friday the 6th and Friday the 13th over a period of years found that,
The risk of hospital admission as a result of a transport accident may be increased by as much as 52%. Staying at home is recommended
Talk about a free holiday ....

Life is a masala dosa

Song for the mood: Pukarata Chala Hoon Main - Mohd. Rafi

Masala Dosa: A masala dosa is made by stuffing a dosa with a lightly cooked filling of potatoes, fried onions and spices. It wraps the dosa around a onion and potato curry.
(courtesy wikipedia)

Masala Dosas have become a regular in the diet these days, it's only fair that this unassuming food variety gets a blog. The closest Andhra Mess (there are 3 big ones in electronics city, never counted the smaller ones) serves decent dosas (strictly decent that too on a good day)alongwith coconut chatni. With a plate of dosa you get unlimited portions of chatni and alu sabji although the smart waiter takes away the chatni container when he sees you've eaten too much. No sambar is served, which doesn't bother me much, but prompts my good friend Gooth to start philosophical conversations of how dosas should really be eaten. A trick to eating in Masala Dosas in Andhra Mess is to order plain dosa instead. They serve some masala along with dosas which is same as the masala in the dosa ... I still dunno why it is semi-liquid ...

Masala Dosas are served, a lot crispier, at Pavithra Darshini which is a 5 minutes walk from college. You can watch your Dosa being made - its an open kitchen like many other small eateries in Bangalore - and it comes pretty fast. The masala inside the dosa used to be a lot better, now it just looks like a lump of potato smeared with salt. You can eat as much chatni and sambar as you want, though I doubt you'll want to. Although ever since I saw the serving guy mix extremely clean water, used for washing vessels, into the chatni I stay away from it. Oh, did I miss something here? Yes, the water is mixed 'after' the vessels are washed in it ... maybe their secret recipe, who knows?

Masala Dosas, with two varities of chatni (coconut and coconut with tomato-ginger I believe) and a larger bowl of sambar are served at Salem Kitchen in Transit, a food joint in Forum Mall at Koramangala. Given the 'largeness' of the place it tends to be a bit heavier on the pocket. Nevertheless the dosas are tasty, no chance to complain. You can also get rava dosas instead of the rice-batter dosas here and they taste pretty good.

Masala Dosas which I really liked a lot are served at Jaynagar, at a place aptly called Dosa Centre. The size of the dosa not withstanding these are the heaviest dosas I have eaten in Bangalore so far. The masala too is the best of all the places I have eaten masala dosas at; the potato is properly cut and the amount of chilly is enough to make your tongue tingle.

Masala Dosas at Pongal, a small outlet in J B Nagar are, hands down, the best damn dosas you or your friend or his friend's friend or his third cousins twice removed will ever eat in Bangalore. Period. The masala itself changes substantially when you order among the following Masala Dosas -- Chettinad Masala, Podi Masala, Tanjavore Masala, Malli Masala etc etc. I have been going here with fraandzz every week for about 4 months now, but I still can't identify which is which, but they all taste different, that I can assure you. You can get a rava masala too ... rockin place!

Masala Dosas can be eater with multiple chatnis and an endless stream of sambar at Krishna Kafe (yes with a K not a C) in Koramangala. This place is famous for its Paper Masala Dosa, a megamoth which covers the entire table and could feed the whole of Ethiopia (sorry Vijay), but on a given day is only enough for me and VKRN with a few bites for a couple others. Don't complain you 'others'. If you do, won't even get that much next time around ...

Masala Dosas, closer to where I was interning for 5 months, are served at another Darshini, much larger than the one near my college. This place serves really large portions, comparable to any other place I have mentioned so far, very clean, very tasty. I was also having daily lunch here for 5 months ... internship is over now so I dunno if I'll go there again. Someday if I pass that place, maybe the waft of the pungent chatni and spicy potato masala will prompt me to stop and have a bite ...

In a good masala dosa, the masala is always well tucked inside the dosa. You have to get through the crust to get to the masala. There is always some sambar or chatni alongside, to spice up things a bit, and sometimes the crust changes, in size or kind, but it is still the masala that makes or breaks the dosa ...


Cheers ol' chums!

Here's to my friends Nishant and Aniruddha. Both secured admissions for a masters degree at IIT; Nishant for an MTech at IIT-KGP and Aniruddha for Masters in Design at IIT-G.

2 good news in 2 days ...

Congratulations buddies. Rock on!

Price of Peace

Song for the mood: Peace Sells ... but who's buying? --- Megadeth

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we
fail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What exactly is the price of peace? What is that you pay with, for the cause of peace? What is the biggest argument, the biggest factor, in favor of peace? Is it love? Is it brotherhood? Is it freedom? Or is it even relevant to any of these?

I have a minor fascination towards the topic of wars, especially World War II, albeit recently developed. I read about it from an unbiased, neutral perspective. It is intriguing to read about it; the social dynamics prevalent during that time, the manner in which the politics exploited these social dynamics, the promising beginning of a man seemed destined to be a long lasting leader for millions of eager people, the lust of power that drove men over the edge and so many other things.

The topic of World War II is too vast. It is a daily-dinner-discussion topic for us and we never get tired of it. However, the above question rankles much deeper that anything else, for that is at the very heart of it all. For a moment ask yourself the same thing; what is the price of peace? In a strange way - call it demented if you want - it is war. At least in my opinion.

"I have never advocated war except as a means of peace." - Ulysses S. Grant

Before you misinterpret me, allow me to clarify my stance. For this I ask you another question. Can we feel peace?

I will diverge from the topic a little now, but that is only to elaborate my view further. My grandfather once told me about the times that were when he was born, when he was growing up and when he started earning a living for the family. It was pre-Independence time. He personally had to struggle a lot to just live on, had to get into the navy to start earning at an early age to sustain for the family - he started working when he was still not out of his teens - and had to see a lot of turmoil during the Independence struggle years. During that same conversation he said to me, "You take too much for granted". It hit me then but maybe because I took it the wrong way. Now when I think of it I see two things: One, yes compared to my grandfather or even my father, maybe I do take a lot of things for 'granted'. Two, I don't know what taking for granted really means.

I - this will hold for most of us - have never been deprived of anything. Let me put it this way rather; when I needed something it was there for me, so again, I wouldn't know what it means to be deprived of something. It is the way things have been.

Now taking this same perspective, I return back to my answer, 'War'.

"The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must
suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war." - General Douglas MacArthur

It is during war that the greatest tragedies are felt, loss of unity, loss of kindness, of love, of goodwill, of trust, of faith ... of life. It is in these times that man becomes the way the creator sent him on this planet, all alone. It is in these times when out of anger and frustration people do vile, inhumane acts towards others, who if they stop a moment and think are just like themselves. Nobody is a victor in war. Everyone only loses, some lose more than others. It is in the aftermath of wars that people realize what they have brought unto themselves.

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." - Bertrand Russell

The horrors of such times call for peace. You can only experience it, that too, if you know in your mind why it is so important. It is through the efforts of a million survivors that a billion today are living in a world that we have come to know for how it is. But what about the future? What is it that will stop us, this generation, from starting new wars for whatever reasons? We have heard of peace but do we really know what it is? In the words of Albert Einstein, "So long as there are men there will be wars"... it is the circle of life.

"Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a
crime." - Ernest Hemingway

Till next time...

(All quotes courtesy the game Call of Duty Vol. 2. A list of quotes can be found here)

PS: I do not advocate violence. I do not advocate wars. I am sane enough to figure out that war will definitely not improve things, least of all allow me the freedom to write such long posts :-)

A marathon and a cheese toast

Song for the mood: Painkiller - Judas Priest

Painkillers, yes, that is what was missing Sunday evening. You see, me and my pal Santosh Kulkarni were at the Sunfeast Marathon past Sunday morning at 8:30am. Yes, morning ... for which I got up at 6:00am on a Sunday, and saw that the sun is up, thus disproving the Urban Legend that the sun doesn't rise on a Sunday  morning ...

So, we the ran the marathon. By the way, it was the Sunfeast Marathon, at Kanteerva Stadium, featuring the world's richest 10km run. We ran the 5.7 km majja run, figuring, who's gonna run 10km? The highlights of the event were - the Kingfisher girls standing every 1km at water booths to serve water. Now I know I can drink a lot of water even when I'm not thirsty. Damn! If I had known this before the event started I would have run 10km. Why the Kingfisher girls at a Sunfeast marathon? Well, firstly you are not supposed to be questioning good things, and secondly, the event was in Bangalore! So, Mallya and his girls have to be there! Period.

After the event, we both headed out, after grabbing our refreshments and taking our own snaps; a proof that we were there! It was about 10:40am at that time. I took about 30 mins to run 5.7 km, beat that! Or, don't ... thanks. Anyways, so we headed out, thought, let's get a bite to eat. So we walked another km to a joint called 'Lake view Milk Bar' (sic) popular for good sandwiches, pizzas and burgers. Once seated in, we were told that there was a power cut, which was fine up until the point where Santosh wanted a cheese toast ...

"I'll take french toast, one fried omlette and a cheese toast"

"Sir, no cheese toast, no power. Can't make toast"

"But you said yes for french toast"

"Yes, french toast is fried sir"

"Then fry this also!"

Believe me when I tell you this; the waiter walked away!

"Dude, just order something else ... he can't toast it"

"He can!"

"Only the french toast! You know how it is made right? Smear eggs on the bread ... and then ..."

"Well then let him use cheese instead of the egg ..."

End of conversation.

Well, he finally was settled by the waiter for a cheese sandwich. How? Well, he just brought and placed it in front of him ... and walked away again! Now, top this!

A painkiller would've been nice a few hours later ...

Anyone can be smart...

Song for the mood: Shake that thing - Sean Paul

Here's an example of what bad English can do to a really meaningful sentence.

"Anyone can be smart in hindsight"
meaning you can always be smart when thinking about what could've been done in the past, instead of what eventually got done. The fact is, you can't change it.

Hmmm ... I like the fractured version of the above more, which although doesn't make much sense, sounds a lot nicer :)

"Anyone can become smart when looking at their hind"
not really, right! Fact is I can't get a view of my hind, neither can most. Their own I mean ... snap out of it you pervert! See, even if I am tall I am not a giraffe! And I think it would take a very weird giraffe for it to stare at his own hind.

However ... there is a modification to the above :) You might sometimes 'feel' smart when looking at particular hinds, right? Spot example: Scarlett Johansson's in the opening credits of Lost in Translation. Oh, so now you agree! Hmmm ... good ...
Enough! Stop dreaming! She's not there!

Displaying this smartness in public could be termed not so smart...

Don't talk about Rajnikanth

Song for the mood: If you want blood (you've got it) - AC/DC

A conversation that borders on Rajnikanth, always ends with Rajnikanth. Following are some excerpts of my conversation with a 'Rajni' fan. No clues as to figuring out what part of the following was said by the fan.

"Rajnikanth has style, I agree. But the guy is short."

"Shut up! Another word you say about the thalai (head) and your thalai will fly off from your body".

Honarary silence. There is nothing you can say in reply to this ...

"Rajnikanth is tall. If you say that a height of 6ft is tall, then he is 6ft tall. If you say 5ft is tall then he is 5ft tall. The tape will adjust itself when his height is measured."


"You will never understand the superstar. The one and only."

"I don't know what he did to become a superstar"

"Mind your language. Rajnikanth never became a superstar, because he was born a superstar."

"Ya he will always be a superstar and then die also a ... aaah my neck!"

"Shooo rascal! He won't die a superstar! Because he won't die!"

"Leave my neck fool!"

"No more arguments about Rajnikanth."

"Aaah. Who wants to argue about him? It could get me killed around fanbois like you!"

More silence followed by another round of neck grabbing and ear twisting.

"Look, the plain fact is I think it is great that he can do so much just with his screen presence and style, else with such plain looks a man can't get anywhere"

"Rajnikanth ... is handsome ... ohhkay ... you are stupid and blind. Curse you"


"Shut up! Anything more you say I am going to take it personally"

Moral of the story: Never ask a man his salary and a woman her age. (And don't talk about Rajnikanth)

Best food in Electronics City

Song for the mood: Chala jaata hoon kisi ki dhun mein - Kishore Da

As a contrast to how much I crib about food in Electronics City, here is something definitely worth hogging. Near Entrance II of Phase I of Electronics City, a lady makes and sells mirchi bhajji with pudina-tamarind chatni. It is easily the best food available in Electronics City.

Let me give you an idea of how good it is. I wanted to eat 2 pieces, I ended up eating 11 and actually wanted to eat 25. I'll do that next time around.

If you want more testimonials about the place, ask Gooth. He doesn't turn that corner of the road without eating there. Thanks to him, we got a bhajji extra per plate that we ordered. :D

What are you waiting for?

PS: Timings are 5:30 to 7 in the evening. Off on weekends.


Song for the mood: Shoot the moon – Norah Jones

The minutes turn to hours
time is lost in the earthly frays
On the hill top I sit alone
offer the skies an eager gaze

 I sense the sun's frenzy
While the stars hide away
A game of hide-n-seek it seems
is what the heavens play 

Peeking from beneath the clouds
The winter moon; a quiet spy.
A silent smile for the sun's panic
who's soaring ahead in the sky 

The sun seeks in all that he sees
with all his fire and all his glow
not a star in sight since the break of dawn
and soon now he shall have to go

The colors of dusk betray his emotions
Hide them, he cannot, his anger or pain
When the evening comes, to take him home
he leaves in silence, red with shame 

The rising chill beckons the night
the skies turn a shade too bleak
the silver moon breaks his silence
and the stars gather to hear him speak 

As the moon tells, of the sun's attempts
the stars laugh with shameless glow
The heavens shine, with starry smiles
that fall on the earth as the winter snow

The night will soon turn to day
The sun will come and the stars will go
Oh! but where do they all hide?
Will the sun ever know?

Just another post...

Song for the mood: Wake Up! - Rage Against the Machine

"Shawshank Redemption ... is not a great movie ... only the last 20 minutes are good ... "
If you watch movies, you are by now either laughing at the misery of the above sentence or wondering at how foolish it is. I did the the latter when I heard it. Aside from the fact that you would have to either be a liar or a complete idiot to say something like this, about possibly the greatest movie ever made ... well ... you are - either a liar or a complete idiot.
It's a Sunday, last weekend of March, too. Like it matters? No.
For no particular reason, I am gonna make a list of a few things I heard over the past week - some funny, some poignant, some that was food for thought, some downright ridiculous, some new, some fictional, some very real, some contemplative, some worth a frown, some not worth a reaction ... you can figure out what the first line of the post belongs to.
"Its all very logical, but logic is not always right ... and nothing on God's earth can make it right" - from the movie Judgement at Nuremberg. It's a wonderful movie, watch it!
"If you say related, then even unrelated is zero 'related'. So, does the relation matter?" - Professor in a class on Web IR.
"Ya, it is like proving your own existence and apparently no one's gonna take your word for it" - One of my seniors at the work place, while framing a 'useful' problem for a thesis. You can't just say it is useful, you have to prove it.
"It is all right while you're 23. I'll probably get married any day now" - a friend, who needless to say was freaking out.

"We didn't copy it. We just re-used it" - Contestant in CodeButter when questioned for plagiarism.

"Silence is a sign of approval" - Probably the stupidest thing I've heard, ever. In addition, it is the saddest way to 'win' an argument, since you caused the opponent to go silent by bombarding him with absolute bull-crap.

"Yawn..." - me

Well, I am just wasting whatever is left of this Sunday. So ... good night!

Kannada illla

Song for the mood: C-A-T Cat, Cat maane Billi - Kishore Kumar

illa means nothing, in Kannada ... I mean it does mean something ... it means "nothing". Whatever.

My knowledge of Kannada doesn't go beyond 15-20 words and a few sentences, which is quite evident here. So when I was at the receiving end of a harsh abuse, in Kannada, I did the only logical thing to do. I made a dumb face.

The story starts after the Megadeth concert on 14th March. I made my way back to Majestic bus stop, at around 10:30pm, since there was no direct bus from Palace Grounds to Electronics City. There's an unwritten rule that I was made aware of some days back, and that is, "When in doubt ... go to Majestic". Well, I finally got a bus that comes to Electronics City, only after running around for half an hour around this huge bus stand with no people around.

Ok, I am tall. Tall enough to not stand in a bus for the fear of putting my head through the roof when the driver hits a bump. To my utter delight, this bus had a much shorter roof, nice! So I stood in the doorway, a couple of steps lower than the floor of the bus passage way. Someone had a problem getting in, and he didn't spare a heated dialog in Kannada for me. I was too tired to even tell him that I don't understand Kannada. Then Mr. half-drunk got in, couple of stops later, that is where the fun started. It was due to him that few people couldn't get down, but no, according to him it was due to me. I was way too disinterested to pay attention, but Mr. I-had-a-problem-earlier decided to cash in and, well, he pressed Mr. half-drunk to carry on the scolding.

So, now I was being scolded, in Kannada, by two somebodies who in spite of the retarded look that I gave them, couldn't figure out that I wasn't understanding a single word of what they were saying. But, Mr. half-drunk was more resourceful (I guess he had one drink less than what I thought) and, lo and behold! His took off again, this time in English.

"Where ... (burp) ... where do u want to go Haaan?"
"Electronics City"
"blah blah ... then ... ermmm ... go inside! Don't trouble us" (trouble? us?)
"I can't. It's not tall enough for me to stand there..."
"No ... go inside! ... something in Kannada"
"I don't understand Kannada"

If you are new to Bangalore, well, never say the sentence above, trust me. Because, three more people jumped in at this, so now I was being lectured, for nothing, by 5 people. The fact that I can't speak Kannada, could cause this, was ... appalling. I was disgusted, frankly. When I couldn't take it anymore I gave a really cold stare to one of them ... he immediately kept quiet. I felt then that I should've done that much earlier.

Thankfully the conductor intervened, on my behalf. Mr. half-drunk didn't stop at all, however. His lecture continued till he got off, 20 minutes later. He shouted at me, in Kannada again, and what I gathered from a hindi speaking bystander later, it was some bad abuse. I still don't understand the point of him exercising his lungs, shouting at me, for over 30 mins, when I didn't understand one single word of it. Well, ignorance is bliss, as they say, it made no difference to me!

The stuff continued till I got off at Electronics City, it was public ragging. Mr. half-drunk left, Mr. I-can-talk-better-nonsense took his place. It made no sense to them, whatsoever, that I couldn't understand anything coming out of their mouths. I don't know if that is ridiculous, funny or just sad :-)

I preferred keeping my mouth shut (not completely true, but close enough!) Well, what would you have done?

Out of order ... courtesy Megadeth

Song for the mood: Wake up dead - Megadeth

At the time of writing this post, I have: a back ache, shoulder ache, my neck ain't turning left, my left leg is sprained, my right hand is slightly sore. It is all worth it; all worth seeing MegadetH in action, live, not more than 20 feet away from the stage \m/.

I went alone for the concert, and now I seriously feel bad for all those who didn't attend. 9 bands in one day! MachineHead and MegadetH only came on stage after 7:00pm and by that time I was already dizzy with all the headbanging. Prestorika, Junkyard Groove, Mother Jane, Thermal and a Quarter, Millenium, Pentagram were all build-up acts, can you believe it! Anyways, one thing is for sure now, at least in my opinion: we got some cool rock acts in India. Hell, some of their original stuff was right up there with the best.

Heavy metal concerts are fun! Even with all the pulling and pushing and moshing (moshing is sick) that happens around, even with people blacking out and passing out; it is such a rush! The thumping beats, the fast guitars, the charged vocals anything and everything about a metal concert is loud! Some stupid things are, of course, people smoke like factories everywhere around and that leaves others out of breath. But the concert still rocks-out! I headbanged for over 5 hours yesterday, was standing in such a small place that I couldn't move a muscle and I still somehow jumped to every beat, got people stomping on my foot, falling over me, pushed a drunk away (he and his friends didn't take that well, whatever) but it was fun! There was some guy standing next to me, I was discussing MegadetH's discography with him the whole time, we sang all the songs while they were being played, took turns stomping on each others foot (he he!) but I didn't catch his name till the very end. Well, that just proves how much music can connect people.

I am sure, yesterday's concert was meant to be special. When MachineHead took the stage, and started playing their loud, wicked music, there was lightning all around in the sky. The sky was heavily clouded and for a while I was sure 'twas gonna rain. It was an electrifying experience. No need for special effects and flashy lights when Thor himself joins the party! The lightning show continued for MegadetH it was great!

Take my advice, whether you like metal music or not, doesn't matter whether you are claustrophobic, doesn't matter whether loud music is to your liking or not ... go to a metal concert! The feel is electric!

Back to school... not quite ...

Song for the mood: Jaane Kahaan Gaye Woh Din - Mukesh

"Well, you were the reason..."

Today when talking to Gooth I was for some reason reminded of a certain little conversation that happened about 5 years ago, a conversation about an even earlier incident that happened in school. Aah ... school! I loved school, no doubt about it. We all tend to have fond memories of school, and so do I. All the same I am sure, everyone from my school who was ever in my class will have a little something to say to me, "You were such a bore!".

You know that little voice inside us, which tells us what to do when things seem wrong? Well, in my case it was a public announcement system and it had an announcer living on a severe overdose of righteous consciousness. I was the little kid in the moral science textbook who can see no wrong ... hear no wrong ... do no wrong. I was every teacher's 'ideal' student - the value education teacher's for sure, damn! I came first in that subject every time! - and for these great reasons I was the class monitor, 4 damn years in a row! I must have gotten every other kid punished for some reason ... to me things always seemed wrong.

"Do you by any chance remember standard 8th year report collection day?"
"No ... not really ..."
"You should dude. You were the class monitor ... as usual ... and I was the kid crying in the corner of the classroom with his mother and the teacher towering over him, discussing the kids potentially bleak future ..."

I was the kid you loved to hate, in school. When I think about how I was in school, I prefer lying down and telling myself, words like, "Life is very long ... let the past be the past ... things change ... we all go through difficult times ... control yourselves ..." I was a prick! You know those things that teachers say because they have to: "All of you sit quiet! Hands folded and a finger on you lips!" ... "Stand in a straight line! Everybody ... stand quietly!" ... as far as I was concerned they were life commandments. I had to do everything the way it seemed right. Probably the teachers realized they could exploit my over-eagerness to become the Poster Boy so they thought 'let this fool do all this for me' so I was always entrusted the prestigious responsibility of class monitor.

"Oh! Was it that bad? I am sorry ..."
"You should bloody well be!"
"Well, you were the reason ... that I got screwed that day! You were such a bore! Teacher's pet ... 'look at Sagar! Such a nice boy, such values, such discipline, learn something from him ...' (add a nasal tinge and a possible mockery of your school teacher to this last sentence)."

This was the conversation that I had with an ex-schoolmate over a cup of tea, 3 years after school was over and done with. And he remembered every single detail. Such episodes you don't forget easily, do you? Well I apologized to him, and to myself ... I still do sometimes. My popularity among my school friends can be judged from the fact that the last time I sent a social networking invite to one of them, he rejected it.

Then I guess, I was just meant to be that way. When I say this I am reminded of these golden words I read somewhere - No matter how bad you are, you are not totally useless ... you can always be used as a bad example.

Good night. And before I sign off, if anyone from my school ever happens to read this ... the f*** I'm sorry! You had a lot of fun in school because of me ... whether you admit it or not! :-)

Where's my treat?

Song for the mood: Buddha Bar album VI

Venue: The Punjab
Occasion: Pranav's treat
"Hey Gooth ... check out the girl sitting on the last table ... "

Since the start of this semester I have been eating out very often - out as in treats - courtesy, my earning friends (I still have to get my stipend ... woe is me!) and I probably have been to a treat every single week this year. Sometimes its even two treats a week. I still have to give one ... to my good luck I've been able to defer that for whenever I get my stipend, but then I guess my electric guitar will have to wait ... there can not be a worse Catch 22 ...

"Eh! Order first fool! This lady made me roam half of bangalore on the bike today ... I am damn hungry ... " "I didn't! You don't know any roads ... I will kick you flat and break your bones! Rascal!"

The treats have been great! Every single one of them. I have now checked out quite a few places in Bengaluru and a few have been excellent. One observation, I am still to eat at a North Indian restaurant here in 'lore where they have not gone out of their way to create a Punjabi Dhaba - the lighting, the tables, the cutlery, the menu cards even the waiter uniforms are extremely styled to look like it - and this is after seeing three such places.

"... Who ordered this radioactive stuff for a starter?" ... "It is supposed to be cauliflower" ... "Rascal! Did you look at her? ... hey, that is my drink!"

Food aside, I guess all the treats have been great because of the amount of antics and noise we make at every single place. You've ever cursed the noisy bunch of youngsters in a restaurant when you're having dinner with you're girlfriend or your family or alone? We are that noisy bunch. Order late, talk loud, laugh obnoxiously, ask the waiters to click pictures for us (Seema gives them a crash course in lens-focusing every time) ... aah! It can't get any better!

"Now now ... look she is going out now ... you can have a look at her ..." "She is not that good raaa ..." "Shut up! Gooth, you decide ... ". Gooth looks at the girl. Girl is looking at Gooth ... what happened next was, "Aiyyo, thooo! Aiyyo aiyyo " + slap forehead * zillion times ... I guess he didn't like her all that much.

PS: For those of you haven't heard Buddha Bar yet, do it soon! I personally recommend vol. VI. The trance beats are overwhelming.
PS2: If you are planning to watch the movie Michael Clayton, burn the money instead.

Leave your ... impressions ...

Song for the mood: Jugband Blues - Pink Floyd

Is this cool or what? My friend sent me this link MyLiveSignature, using which I can create my signature. I think I'm gonna start using it ... outta my way ... or I'll stomp you!

Carry on...

Song for the mood: Yeh Shaam Mastaani - Kishore Kumar

Yet another day have I soldiered on

Across another bend have I passed
but the horizon is forever away; and still
the road seems to end there atlast

The dusk sets, as it does always
hurrying away from the sun
Such times when the day elopes, I wonder
does it too have a loved one?

A million eyes of a shade of silver
seek to enchant and to mesmerise
with the sparkle of a fine diamond;
when I shy a look at the night skies.

Must not I give into their sparkles
It is only deceitful appearance
It is not the shelter I seek, to rest
I need warmth, not the fireplace

My eyes still seek the shining glow,
a solace; far from the night shadows.
What's but in this weary path?
Why tread over these million stones?

Oh! the life I seek, is but a long walk
It is not a stop on these plains.
Where truth is learnt and dreams are fulfilled
Is on the journey; wait is in vain.

I must carry on! For the night hides
the truth; and the road that lies ahead.
The world won't stop, it will carry on
with me or without me instead.