A marathon and a cheese toast

Song for the mood: Painkiller - Judas Priest

Painkillers, yes, that is what was missing Sunday evening. You see, me and my pal Santosh Kulkarni were at the Sunfeast Marathon past Sunday morning at 8:30am. Yes, morning ... for which I got up at 6:00am on a Sunday, and saw that the sun is up, thus disproving the Urban Legend that the sun doesn't rise on a Sunday  morning ...

So, we the ran the marathon. By the way, it was the Sunfeast Marathon, at Kanteerva Stadium, featuring the world's richest 10km run. We ran the 5.7 km majja run, figuring, who's gonna run 10km? The highlights of the event were - the Kingfisher girls standing every 1km at water booths to serve water. Now I know I can drink a lot of water even when I'm not thirsty. Damn! If I had known this before the event started I would have run 10km. Why the Kingfisher girls at a Sunfeast marathon? Well, firstly you are not supposed to be questioning good things, and secondly, the event was in Bangalore! So, Mallya and his girls have to be there! Period.

After the event, we both headed out, after grabbing our refreshments and taking our own snaps; a proof that we were there! It was about 10:40am at that time. I took about 30 mins to run 5.7 km, beat that! Or, don't ... thanks. Anyways, so we headed out, thought, let's get a bite to eat. So we walked another km to a joint called 'Lake view Milk Bar' (sic) popular for good sandwiches, pizzas and burgers. Once seated in, we were told that there was a power cut, which was fine up until the point where Santosh wanted a cheese toast ...

"I'll take french toast, one fried omlette and a cheese toast"

"Sir, no cheese toast, no power. Can't make toast"

"But you said yes for french toast"

"Yes, french toast is fried sir"

"Then fry this also!"

Believe me when I tell you this; the waiter walked away!

"Dude, just order something else ... he can't toast it"

"He can!"

"Only the french toast! You know how it is made right? Smear eggs on the bread ... and then ..."

"Well then let him use cheese instead of the egg ..."

End of conversation.

Well, he finally was settled by the waiter for a cheese sandwich. How? Well, he just brought and placed it in front of him ... and walked away again! Now, top this!

A painkiller would've been nice a few hours later ...