Lady drivers

Song for the mood: Livin' lovin' maid - Led Zeppelin

So, there's this lady driving a Qualis. When she's about to join the main road from the service lane, she takes her hand off the wheel, looks up (to God) and joins both her hands to mutter a small prayer. All this while the car is cruising along a busy Outer Ring Road at past 6:00 in the evening.

Lady, I only hope you were praying for everyone else on the road at that time.

That's why we eat paan ... oh Newtonwa ...

Song for the mood: Khaike Paan Banaraswala - Kishore Kumar

Overheard in the elevator, yesterday.

"You know Newton right?"

"Of course!"

"Ok ok, so you would be knowing about his First Law ..."


"Newton's First Law. You know, the one about ... "

"Ya ya, so what about it?"

" ... bodies in rest or motion. A body that is in motion continues to be in motion ... and etc etc"

"Huh ... hmmm ... err ... "

"Sooo, when we eat we are technically in motion. Our body is moving, internally"

"... ok ..."

"And that is why after lunch we have to slowly bring it to rest"

"Is that so?"

"And that is why we eat paan ... to slowly bring the body to rest"
Bet you didn't know that! Did you?

A day at a time

Song for the mood: Neele Gagan Ke Talein - Mohd. Rafi

Picture this - its early in the morning, about 6:30 or 7:00 am. You are looking out into the morning sun as he too breaks his sleep, stretching out his rays one at a time. A light breeze has wrapped you within itself. You can hear the sweet gurgling sound of water in the stream. You feel calm. Composed. Still drowsy. The breeze gets stronger, you shiver a bit but its enjoyable, especially with the hot tea that you are sipping peacefully. Aah, the sweet melodies of the stream water ... the sweet smell of the wet earth! The breeze is getting stronger and stronger now. Maybe you need to brace yourself. What's this? The sound of the river has ... gone. Vanished! And what's that strange sound? Clang! Clang! What is happening? More sounds ... humans? Animals? There's that clanging again! And then suddenly, the sun goes out ...

Before you scratch your head, lets give you the real deal:
- It is 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning. The only reason you are up at such an hour is so that you can take a warm water bath before the power cut comes along, which can come at anytime "between 6:00 to 10:00am for public convenience"
- You are sipping a cup of tea. How peacefully you sip it depends on how well did you make it.
- You are standing in the balcony of your first floor apartment block which is so well packed on all sides by other buildings that it is always very calm.
- It is cold at such a time in the morning here in Bengaluru. So cold that the hair oil has become a hair gel. Light breeze my ass!
- Wet earth is the nice little muddy path in front of the building. Yes, muddy which is originally sandy. Then, with the extremely large amounts of washing water thrown out by ladies in the nearby places and overnight rainfall (sometimes) it becomes ... muddy.
- There is a drainage pipe that runs on the side of your building it happens to pass along side the balcony. So anytime, anyone in the entire building flushes his *cough* toilet *cough* you can hear the sweet sound of the water gurgling ...
- There are a lot of bhajiwallas that brave the muddy streets everyday morning. Animals? Read as 'dogs'
- Someone in the nearby vicinity performs puja in the morning. During the same he bangs plates together. Yes, he takes two steel plates and bangs them together ... repeatedly!
- Finally our rising sun. It is the toilet light of the first floor apartment across the wet earth path. No wonder the sun goes out many times in the morning ... ;)

A day at a time. A single day at a time. And every day begins like ... this ... :)

Welcome oh life! We missed you ...