That's why we eat paan ... oh Newtonwa ...

Song for the mood: Khaike Paan Banaraswala - Kishore Kumar

Overheard in the elevator, yesterday.

"You know Newton right?"

"Of course!"

"Ok ok, so you would be knowing about his First Law ..."


"Newton's First Law. You know, the one about ... "

"Ya ya, so what about it?"

" ... bodies in rest or motion. A body that is in motion continues to be in motion ... and etc etc"

"Huh ... hmmm ... err ... "

"Sooo, when we eat we are technically in motion. Our body is moving, internally"

"... ok ..."

"And that is why after lunch we have to slowly bring it to rest"

"Is that so?"

"And that is why we eat paan ... to slowly bring the body to rest"
Bet you didn't know that! Did you?