Song(s) for the mood: U2 - Electrical Storm / Billie Myers - Kiss the Rain

A lil poem of my own, an ode to the rains...

I stare through the window
At the clear blue sky
A lonely cloud smiles at me
A lonely ranger passing by

My eyes see the shining sun
But my sight is lost in time
The lone traveler of the heavens
Reminds of a forgotten rhyme

The voice of a lonely mind
The words of a different season
The beat of a laughing heart
For a soul asking for a reason

The heavens sensed my feelings
The gods arose with a thunder
The onset of my gospel
Greeted with a drop of wonder

The song had just begun
Nature gave me a stage
Millions more poured in attendance
From the skies now dark with rage

The wind carried my words away
across the fields swaying in glee
to the mountains wrapped in silken mists
wrapped them around every tree

They danced in the rivers
on the song of a lost love
Poured from the eye, of the storm,
of the angel crying above

Her tears fell on my mortal being
Dousing my flaming anger
She flew down from the heavens
To Join me witnessing nature's wonder

As we watched the earth in a rapture
I shivered in her spiritual bliss
She put her arms around me
And held me in an undying kiss

I wished to hold on that moment
I hoped it would stay undone
When the heavens conspired
To give me a reason

The song was over in that moment
Gone were the millions
The storm faded with a silent scream
Left a collage of brilliance

Then I watched the last moments
of nature's artistic splendour
She waved from the top of the rainbow
Then left with the lonely ranger