Found this website just random surfing http://www.edenbee.com/

It's a good concept, a social network with an environmental theme. As a profile you are asked to complete a Lifestyle questionnaire which then outputs how 'Environment Friendly' you are :) You can even calculate your Carbon Footprint by taking into account your usage/consumption of various resources and so on.

There are some really active threads on various topics. A stark difference from other social networking sites and this one, IMO, is that though the number of users on edenbee is just a few thousand, it is a big bunch of similar thinking people so there is a lot of synergy.

If you join in, send me a shout out! My profile is http://www.edenbee.com/users/bigfoot


Political crap

A politician giving condolences: "If it had not been Sandeep's house, not even a dog would have glanced that way"

A politician respecting a martyr's family: "It is Sandeep's family and that is why we went. A soldier's father should have had the sense to understand that"

For anyone not already aware of this, PLEASE read this. In fact he has further said that he won't apologize.

This 'politician' is a Chief Minister ...

For the record, I feel Mr. Unnikrishnan is a proud father and he was not ready to take any crap from Mr. Kerala CM. Way to go Sir! We are proud of your son and we are proud of you!