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Song for the mood: Wake Up! - Rage Against the Machine

"Shawshank Redemption ... is not a great movie ... only the last 20 minutes are good ... "
If you watch movies, you are by now either laughing at the misery of the above sentence or wondering at how foolish it is. I did the the latter when I heard it. Aside from the fact that you would have to either be a liar or a complete idiot to say something like this, about possibly the greatest movie ever made ... well ... you are - either a liar or a complete idiot.
It's a Sunday, last weekend of March, too. Like it matters? No.
For no particular reason, I am gonna make a list of a few things I heard over the past week - some funny, some poignant, some that was food for thought, some downright ridiculous, some new, some fictional, some very real, some contemplative, some worth a frown, some not worth a reaction ... you can figure out what the first line of the post belongs to.
"Its all very logical, but logic is not always right ... and nothing on God's earth can make it right" - from the movie Judgement at Nuremberg. It's a wonderful movie, watch it!
"If you say related, then even unrelated is zero 'related'. So, does the relation matter?" - Professor in a class on Web IR.
"Ya, it is like proving your own existence and apparently no one's gonna take your word for it" - One of my seniors at the work place, while framing a 'useful' problem for a thesis. You can't just say it is useful, you have to prove it.
"It is all right while you're 23. I'll probably get married any day now" - a friend, who needless to say was freaking out.

"We didn't copy it. We just re-used it" - Contestant in CodeButter when questioned for plagiarism.

"Silence is a sign of approval" - Probably the stupidest thing I've heard, ever. In addition, it is the saddest way to 'win' an argument, since you caused the opponent to go silent by bombarding him with absolute bull-crap.

"Yawn..." - me

Well, I am just wasting whatever is left of this Sunday. So ... good night!

Kannada illla

Song for the mood: C-A-T Cat, Cat maane Billi - Kishore Kumar

illa means nothing, in Kannada ... I mean it does mean something ... it means "nothing". Whatever.

My knowledge of Kannada doesn't go beyond 15-20 words and a few sentences, which is quite evident here. So when I was at the receiving end of a harsh abuse, in Kannada, I did the only logical thing to do. I made a dumb face.

The story starts after the Megadeth concert on 14th March. I made my way back to Majestic bus stop, at around 10:30pm, since there was no direct bus from Palace Grounds to Electronics City. There's an unwritten rule that I was made aware of some days back, and that is, "When in doubt ... go to Majestic". Well, I finally got a bus that comes to Electronics City, only after running around for half an hour around this huge bus stand with no people around.

Ok, I am tall. Tall enough to not stand in a bus for the fear of putting my head through the roof when the driver hits a bump. To my utter delight, this bus had a much shorter roof, nice! So I stood in the doorway, a couple of steps lower than the floor of the bus passage way. Someone had a problem getting in, and he didn't spare a heated dialog in Kannada for me. I was too tired to even tell him that I don't understand Kannada. Then Mr. half-drunk got in, couple of stops later, that is where the fun started. It was due to him that few people couldn't get down, but no, according to him it was due to me. I was way too disinterested to pay attention, but Mr. I-had-a-problem-earlier decided to cash in and, well, he pressed Mr. half-drunk to carry on the scolding.

So, now I was being scolded, in Kannada, by two somebodies who in spite of the retarded look that I gave them, couldn't figure out that I wasn't understanding a single word of what they were saying. But, Mr. half-drunk was more resourceful (I guess he had one drink less than what I thought) and, lo and behold! His took off again, this time in English.

"Where ... (burp) ... where do u want to go Haaan?"
"Electronics City"
"blah blah ... then ... ermmm ... go inside! Don't trouble us" (trouble? us?)
"I can't. It's not tall enough for me to stand there..."
"No ... go inside! ... something in Kannada"
"I don't understand Kannada"

If you are new to Bangalore, well, never say the sentence above, trust me. Because, three more people jumped in at this, so now I was being lectured, for nothing, by 5 people. The fact that I can't speak Kannada, could cause this, was ... appalling. I was disgusted, frankly. When I couldn't take it anymore I gave a really cold stare to one of them ... he immediately kept quiet. I felt then that I should've done that much earlier.

Thankfully the conductor intervened, on my behalf. Mr. half-drunk didn't stop at all, however. His lecture continued till he got off, 20 minutes later. He shouted at me, in Kannada again, and what I gathered from a hindi speaking bystander later, it was some bad abuse. I still don't understand the point of him exercising his lungs, shouting at me, for over 30 mins, when I didn't understand one single word of it. Well, ignorance is bliss, as they say, it made no difference to me!

The stuff continued till I got off at Electronics City, it was public ragging. Mr. half-drunk left, Mr. I-can-talk-better-nonsense took his place. It made no sense to them, whatsoever, that I couldn't understand anything coming out of their mouths. I don't know if that is ridiculous, funny or just sad :-)

I preferred keeping my mouth shut (not completely true, but close enough!) Well, what would you have done?

Out of order ... courtesy Megadeth

Song for the mood: Wake up dead - Megadeth

At the time of writing this post, I have: a back ache, shoulder ache, my neck ain't turning left, my left leg is sprained, my right hand is slightly sore. It is all worth it; all worth seeing MegadetH in action, live, not more than 20 feet away from the stage \m/.

I went alone for the concert, and now I seriously feel bad for all those who didn't attend. 9 bands in one day! MachineHead and MegadetH only came on stage after 7:00pm and by that time I was already dizzy with all the headbanging. Prestorika, Junkyard Groove, Mother Jane, Thermal and a Quarter, Millenium, Pentagram were all build-up acts, can you believe it! Anyways, one thing is for sure now, at least in my opinion: we got some cool rock acts in India. Hell, some of their original stuff was right up there with the best.

Heavy metal concerts are fun! Even with all the pulling and pushing and moshing (moshing is sick) that happens around, even with people blacking out and passing out; it is such a rush! The thumping beats, the fast guitars, the charged vocals anything and everything about a metal concert is loud! Some stupid things are, of course, people smoke like factories everywhere around and that leaves others out of breath. But the concert still rocks-out! I headbanged for over 5 hours yesterday, was standing in such a small place that I couldn't move a muscle and I still somehow jumped to every beat, got people stomping on my foot, falling over me, pushed a drunk away (he and his friends didn't take that well, whatever) but it was fun! There was some guy standing next to me, I was discussing MegadetH's discography with him the whole time, we sang all the songs while they were being played, took turns stomping on each others foot (he he!) but I didn't catch his name till the very end. Well, that just proves how much music can connect people.

I am sure, yesterday's concert was meant to be special. When MachineHead took the stage, and started playing their loud, wicked music, there was lightning all around in the sky. The sky was heavily clouded and for a while I was sure 'twas gonna rain. It was an electrifying experience. No need for special effects and flashy lights when Thor himself joins the party! The lightning show continued for MegadetH it was great!

Take my advice, whether you like metal music or not, doesn't matter whether you are claustrophobic, doesn't matter whether loud music is to your liking or not ... go to a metal concert! The feel is electric!

Back to school... not quite ...

Song for the mood: Jaane Kahaan Gaye Woh Din - Mukesh

"Well, you were the reason..."

Today when talking to Gooth I was for some reason reminded of a certain little conversation that happened about 5 years ago, a conversation about an even earlier incident that happened in school. Aah ... school! I loved school, no doubt about it. We all tend to have fond memories of school, and so do I. All the same I am sure, everyone from my school who was ever in my class will have a little something to say to me, "You were such a bore!".

You know that little voice inside us, which tells us what to do when things seem wrong? Well, in my case it was a public announcement system and it had an announcer living on a severe overdose of righteous consciousness. I was the little kid in the moral science textbook who can see no wrong ... hear no wrong ... do no wrong. I was every teacher's 'ideal' student - the value education teacher's for sure, damn! I came first in that subject every time! - and for these great reasons I was the class monitor, 4 damn years in a row! I must have gotten every other kid punished for some reason ... to me things always seemed wrong.

"Do you by any chance remember standard 8th year report collection day?"
"No ... not really ..."
"You should dude. You were the class monitor ... as usual ... and I was the kid crying in the corner of the classroom with his mother and the teacher towering over him, discussing the kids potentially bleak future ..."

I was the kid you loved to hate, in school. When I think about how I was in school, I prefer lying down and telling myself, words like, "Life is very long ... let the past be the past ... things change ... we all go through difficult times ... control yourselves ..." I was a prick! You know those things that teachers say because they have to: "All of you sit quiet! Hands folded and a finger on you lips!" ... "Stand in a straight line! Everybody ... stand quietly!" ... as far as I was concerned they were life commandments. I had to do everything the way it seemed right. Probably the teachers realized they could exploit my over-eagerness to become the Poster Boy so they thought 'let this fool do all this for me' so I was always entrusted the prestigious responsibility of class monitor.

"Oh! Was it that bad? I am sorry ..."
"You should bloody well be!"
"Well, you were the reason ... that I got screwed that day! You were such a bore! Teacher's pet ... 'look at Sagar! Such a nice boy, such values, such discipline, learn something from him ...' (add a nasal tinge and a possible mockery of your school teacher to this last sentence)."

This was the conversation that I had with an ex-schoolmate over a cup of tea, 3 years after school was over and done with. And he remembered every single detail. Such episodes you don't forget easily, do you? Well I apologized to him, and to myself ... I still do sometimes. My popularity among my school friends can be judged from the fact that the last time I sent a social networking invite to one of them, he rejected it.

Then I guess, I was just meant to be that way. When I say this I am reminded of these golden words I read somewhere - No matter how bad you are, you are not totally useless ... you can always be used as a bad example.

Good night. And before I sign off, if anyone from my school ever happens to read this ... the f*** I'm sorry! You had a lot of fun in school because of me ... whether you admit it or not! :-)

Where's my treat?

Song for the mood: Buddha Bar album VI

Venue: The Punjab
Occasion: Pranav's treat
"Hey Gooth ... check out the girl sitting on the last table ... "

Since the start of this semester I have been eating out very often - out as in treats - courtesy, my earning friends (I still have to get my stipend ... woe is me!) and I probably have been to a treat every single week this year. Sometimes its even two treats a week. I still have to give one ... to my good luck I've been able to defer that for whenever I get my stipend, but then I guess my electric guitar will have to wait ... there can not be a worse Catch 22 ...

"Eh! Order first fool! This lady made me roam half of bangalore on the bike today ... I am damn hungry ... " "I didn't! You don't know any roads ... I will kick you flat and break your bones! Rascal!"

The treats have been great! Every single one of them. I have now checked out quite a few places in Bengaluru and a few have been excellent. One observation, I am still to eat at a North Indian restaurant here in 'lore where they have not gone out of their way to create a Punjabi Dhaba - the lighting, the tables, the cutlery, the menu cards even the waiter uniforms are extremely styled to look like it - and this is after seeing three such places.

"... Who ordered this radioactive stuff for a starter?" ... "It is supposed to be cauliflower" ... "Rascal! Did you look at her? ... hey, that is my drink!"

Food aside, I guess all the treats have been great because of the amount of antics and noise we make at every single place. You've ever cursed the noisy bunch of youngsters in a restaurant when you're having dinner with you're girlfriend or your family or alone? We are that noisy bunch. Order late, talk loud, laugh obnoxiously, ask the waiters to click pictures for us (Seema gives them a crash course in lens-focusing every time) ... aah! It can't get any better!

"Now now ... look she is going out now ... you can have a look at her ..." "She is not that good raaa ..." "Shut up! Gooth, you decide ... ". Gooth looks at the girl. Girl is looking at Gooth ... what happened next was, "Aiyyo, thooo! Aiyyo aiyyo " + slap forehead * zillion times ... I guess he didn't like her all that much.

PS: For those of you haven't heard Buddha Bar yet, do it soon! I personally recommend vol. VI. The trance beats are overwhelming.
PS2: If you are planning to watch the movie Michael Clayton, burn the money instead.

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Song for the mood: Jugband Blues - Pink Floyd

Is this cool or what? My friend sent me this link MyLiveSignature, using which I can create my signature. I think I'm gonna start using it ... outta my way ... or I'll stomp you!