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Song for the mood: Wake Up! - Rage Against the Machine

"Shawshank Redemption ... is not a great movie ... only the last 20 minutes are good ... "
If you watch movies, you are by now either laughing at the misery of the above sentence or wondering at how foolish it is. I did the the latter when I heard it. Aside from the fact that you would have to either be a liar or a complete idiot to say something like this, about possibly the greatest movie ever made ... well ... you are - either a liar or a complete idiot.
It's a Sunday, last weekend of March, too. Like it matters? No.
For no particular reason, I am gonna make a list of a few things I heard over the past week - some funny, some poignant, some that was food for thought, some downright ridiculous, some new, some fictional, some very real, some contemplative, some worth a frown, some not worth a reaction ... you can figure out what the first line of the post belongs to.
"Its all very logical, but logic is not always right ... and nothing on God's earth can make it right" - from the movie Judgement at Nuremberg. It's a wonderful movie, watch it!
"If you say related, then even unrelated is zero 'related'. So, does the relation matter?" - Professor in a class on Web IR.
"Ya, it is like proving your own existence and apparently no one's gonna take your word for it" - One of my seniors at the work place, while framing a 'useful' problem for a thesis. You can't just say it is useful, you have to prove it.
"It is all right while you're 23. I'll probably get married any day now" - a friend, who needless to say was freaking out.

"We didn't copy it. We just re-used it" - Contestant in CodeButter when questioned for plagiarism.

"Silence is a sign of approval" - Probably the stupidest thing I've heard, ever. In addition, it is the saddest way to 'win' an argument, since you caused the opponent to go silent by bombarding him with absolute bull-crap.

"Yawn..." - me

Well, I am just wasting whatever is left of this Sunday. So ... good night!