Out of order ... courtesy Megadeth

Song for the mood: Wake up dead - Megadeth

At the time of writing this post, I have: a back ache, shoulder ache, my neck ain't turning left, my left leg is sprained, my right hand is slightly sore. It is all worth it; all worth seeing MegadetH in action, live, not more than 20 feet away from the stage \m/.

I went alone for the concert, and now I seriously feel bad for all those who didn't attend. 9 bands in one day! MachineHead and MegadetH only came on stage after 7:00pm and by that time I was already dizzy with all the headbanging. Prestorika, Junkyard Groove, Mother Jane, Thermal and a Quarter, Millenium, Pentagram were all build-up acts, can you believe it! Anyways, one thing is for sure now, at least in my opinion: we got some cool rock acts in India. Hell, some of their original stuff was right up there with the best.

Heavy metal concerts are fun! Even with all the pulling and pushing and moshing (moshing is sick) that happens around, even with people blacking out and passing out; it is such a rush! The thumping beats, the fast guitars, the charged vocals anything and everything about a metal concert is loud! Some stupid things are, of course, people smoke like factories everywhere around and that leaves others out of breath. But the concert still rocks-out! I headbanged for over 5 hours yesterday, was standing in such a small place that I couldn't move a muscle and I still somehow jumped to every beat, got people stomping on my foot, falling over me, pushed a drunk away (he and his friends didn't take that well, whatever) but it was fun! There was some guy standing next to me, I was discussing MegadetH's discography with him the whole time, we sang all the songs while they were being played, took turns stomping on each others foot (he he!) but I didn't catch his name till the very end. Well, that just proves how much music can connect people.

I am sure, yesterday's concert was meant to be special. When MachineHead took the stage, and started playing their loud, wicked music, there was lightning all around in the sky. The sky was heavily clouded and for a while I was sure 'twas gonna rain. It was an electrifying experience. No need for special effects and flashy lights when Thor himself joins the party! The lightning show continued for MegadetH it was great!

Take my advice, whether you like metal music or not, doesn't matter whether you are claustrophobic, doesn't matter whether loud music is to your liking or not ... go to a metal concert! The feel is electric!