Where's my treat?

Song for the mood: Buddha Bar album VI

Venue: The Punjab
Occasion: Pranav's treat
"Hey Gooth ... check out the girl sitting on the last table ... "

Since the start of this semester I have been eating out very often - out as in treats - courtesy, my earning friends (I still have to get my stipend ... woe is me!) and I probably have been to a treat every single week this year. Sometimes its even two treats a week. I still have to give one ... to my good luck I've been able to defer that for whenever I get my stipend, but then I guess my electric guitar will have to wait ... there can not be a worse Catch 22 ...

"Eh! Order first fool! This lady made me roam half of bangalore on the bike today ... I am damn hungry ... " "I didn't! You don't know any roads ... I will kick you flat and break your bones! Rascal!"

The treats have been great! Every single one of them. I have now checked out quite a few places in Bengaluru and a few have been excellent. One observation, I am still to eat at a North Indian restaurant here in 'lore where they have not gone out of their way to create a Punjabi Dhaba - the lighting, the tables, the cutlery, the menu cards even the waiter uniforms are extremely styled to look like it - and this is after seeing three such places.

"... Who ordered this radioactive stuff for a starter?" ... "It is supposed to be cauliflower" ... "Rascal! Did you look at her? ... hey, that is my drink!"

Food aside, I guess all the treats have been great because of the amount of antics and noise we make at every single place. You've ever cursed the noisy bunch of youngsters in a restaurant when you're having dinner with you're girlfriend or your family or alone? We are that noisy bunch. Order late, talk loud, laugh obnoxiously, ask the waiters to click pictures for us (Seema gives them a crash course in lens-focusing every time) ... aah! It can't get any better!

"Now now ... look she is going out now ... you can have a look at her ..." "She is not that good raaa ..." "Shut up! Gooth, you decide ... ". Gooth looks at the girl. Girl is looking at Gooth ... what happened next was, "Aiyyo, thooo! Aiyyo aiyyo " + slap forehead * zillion times ... I guess he didn't like her all that much.

PS: For those of you haven't heard Buddha Bar yet, do it soon! I personally recommend vol. VI. The trance beats are overwhelming.
PS2: If you are planning to watch the movie Michael Clayton, burn the money instead.