Song for the mood: Shoot the moon – Norah Jones

The minutes turn to hours
time is lost in the earthly frays
On the hill top I sit alone
offer the skies an eager gaze

 I sense the sun's frenzy
While the stars hide away
A game of hide-n-seek it seems
is what the heavens play 

Peeking from beneath the clouds
The winter moon; a quiet spy.
A silent smile for the sun's panic
who's soaring ahead in the sky 

The sun seeks in all that he sees
with all his fire and all his glow
not a star in sight since the break of dawn
and soon now he shall have to go

The colors of dusk betray his emotions
Hide them, he cannot, his anger or pain
When the evening comes, to take him home
he leaves in silence, red with shame 

The rising chill beckons the night
the skies turn a shade too bleak
the silver moon breaks his silence
and the stars gather to hear him speak 

As the moon tells, of the sun's attempts
the stars laugh with shameless glow
The heavens shine, with starry smiles
that fall on the earth as the winter snow

The night will soon turn to day
The sun will come and the stars will go
Oh! but where do they all hide?
Will the sun ever know?