Don't talk about Rajnikanth

Song for the mood: If you want blood (you've got it) - AC/DC

A conversation that borders on Rajnikanth, always ends with Rajnikanth. Following are some excerpts of my conversation with a 'Rajni' fan. No clues as to figuring out what part of the following was said by the fan.

"Rajnikanth has style, I agree. But the guy is short."

"Shut up! Another word you say about the thalai (head) and your thalai will fly off from your body".

Honarary silence. There is nothing you can say in reply to this ...

"Rajnikanth is tall. If you say that a height of 6ft is tall, then he is 6ft tall. If you say 5ft is tall then he is 5ft tall. The tape will adjust itself when his height is measured."


"You will never understand the superstar. The one and only."

"I don't know what he did to become a superstar"

"Mind your language. Rajnikanth never became a superstar, because he was born a superstar."

"Ya he will always be a superstar and then die also a ... aaah my neck!"

"Shooo rascal! He won't die a superstar! Because he won't die!"

"Leave my neck fool!"

"No more arguments about Rajnikanth."

"Aaah. Who wants to argue about him? It could get me killed around fanbois like you!"

More silence followed by another round of neck grabbing and ear twisting.

"Look, the plain fact is I think it is great that he can do so much just with his screen presence and style, else with such plain looks a man can't get anywhere"

"Rajnikanth ... is handsome ... ohhkay ... you are stupid and blind. Curse you"


"Shut up! Anything more you say I am going to take it personally"

Moral of the story: Never ask a man his salary and a woman her age. (And don't talk about Rajnikanth)