We are not pushovers ...

Some time back I read a post by Jayanth on his blog, which I found very intriguing, not just for the reality that he has very well pointed out but for the theme/jist of what he has written. I just didn't have enough clarity to write something that I too felt about these issues, all this while. However, today's attack on Mumbai somehow prompts me to write this: We Indians are not pushovers ... you'll have to do way more than that to scare us you bastards!

Ok, this post might in the end turn out to be a condemnation of whatever has happened. It might turn out to be a gut-wrenching terrorism abuse session. Maybe a salutory message to the martyrs, maybe condolences for the deceased, maybe all of this or none at all ... what I do intend to write is about the pride I feel about our security forces not letting those fools kick our ass around and dictate terms to us. As I am writing this, a large part of the threat has been negated.

Our security forces don't get enough credit, in my honest opinion. One of our country's immediate neighbours in the north (you know which one) has bomb attacks in the numbers in which we burst crackers in diwali; that doesn't happen here. Sure, there is gonna be endless criticism of the kind of 'how come they weren't patrolling the Gateway? The terrorists came in through there so easily' ... we have 7517 km coastline ... yes, maybe they were caught napping but with that big an attack region we are always vulnerable. 11 places were taken hostage at the same time, as of now, only two are left one of which is undergoing a clean-up operation.

Its a thing of pride that we didn't rollover and let them bone us for fun. With the number of foreign nationals involved this could have spiralled into an international issue with peace keeping forces in the end having to supply food packets to the hostages and the terrorists for God only knows how long ...

For the extreme critic, my friend, shit happens. It's a part of life. It has happened in US, it has happened in UK, it happened here. Ok. Lets move on.

I am still not clear enough on what to write. So I'll end by saying this, "Celebrate the martyr! Honor his honor and be proud of his sacrifice!"

Jai Hind!