We need an office boy?

Song for the mood: Brain Damage – Pink Floyd

“We need an office boy around here…”

A conversation I witnessed in office yesterday. So, my office (I’m an intern) is a small place, people wise. We are 15 of us, roughly, and all of us sit in one big room. The place is newly bought, and quite a few renovations and additions to the office place are going on. About 3 days back we had a security system installed and so now we need access cards to get in. Owing to the new system, a few people were left knocking the door to get in, since they didn’t have the access cards (the cards came yesterday morning).

“Wasn’t some office boy going to join? What happened with him?”

“No, he didn’t turn up even the first day …”

15 people … 1 room … what is the office boy going to do here? Ok, so now go figure: when there are a set of access cards for the security system, and you don’t have an access card, what do you do? Simple, you go and get yourself one of the access cards …

“I am going to remain stuck outside … (casual laugh) … We need someone to answer that door …”

Still clueless … anyways … me and few others felt later that we can get the office boy a laptop and teach him some stuff, simply because there is nothing else he can do here (we feel so). The risk is getting a mail from the office boy in the morning saying, ‘WFH today’ (WFH --> Work From Home)

“Hmmm … we can get a door bell installed …”

“… Oh yeah, doorbell would be cheaper…”

Sorry Mr. Office boy. Better luck next time ...