Carry on...

Song for the mood: Yeh Shaam Mastaani - Kishore Kumar

Yet another day have I soldiered on

Across another bend have I passed
but the horizon is forever away; and still
the road seems to end there atlast

The dusk sets, as it does always
hurrying away from the sun
Such times when the day elopes, I wonder
does it too have a loved one?

A million eyes of a shade of silver
seek to enchant and to mesmerise
with the sparkle of a fine diamond;
when I shy a look at the night skies.

Must not I give into their sparkles
It is only deceitful appearance
It is not the shelter I seek, to rest
I need warmth, not the fireplace

My eyes still seek the shining glow,
a solace; far from the night shadows.
What's but in this weary path?
Why tread over these million stones?

Oh! the life I seek, is but a long walk
It is not a stop on these plains.
Where truth is learnt and dreams are fulfilled
Is on the journey; wait is in vain.

I must carry on! For the night hides
the truth; and the road that lies ahead.
The world won't stop, it will carry on
with me or without me instead.