This is what happens if you talk bad about google...

Song for the mood: Yeh Kya Hua - Kishore Da

Sunday, August 18, the fateful day.

I was chatting with a few friends till about 12:00pm ... on GTalk. After that I went out for lunch. At lunch I was finding faults with google - this and that - some petty things ... :-P

The following are the series of events that took place after that:

  • 1:30pm - back from lunch
  • 1:45pm - I realize I can't sign into GTalk
  • 1:50pm - I can't even sign into my gmail account
  • 1:55pm - My friends can't seem to mail anything on my google ID
  • 2:00pm - Conclusion - the ID is gone :-O ...
  • 2:30pm - I get the feeling I have a cold
  • 5:00pm - My nose and throat is blocked completely due to the cold
  • 6:00pm - Friend tells me over the phone, "ur voice sounds like a frog is stuck in ur windpipe"
  • 9:00pm - High fever

So, if u talk bad about google ... this is what can happen to you too. I dunno how they did it? Ok, maybe they picked up my voice with some freakish new satellite they might have launched in space, secretly, when I was talking bad about google. But ... how did they gimme a cold and a fever ... how?

If you disbelieve this then you'll go bald, a dog will piss on your foot, and you'll have a frog the size of Yokozuna challenge you to a sumo match.

Moral of the story: Don't talk bad about google

(Well, someone deleted my google account. I dunno who and why. The series of events described above is, however, completely true and not imaginary crap ... the reasons, however, well that depends on your perspective ... :-) ...)