Mysterious events... and the first post

Song for the mood: Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd


This wasn't meant to be my first post. But some sad life creature deleted my old google account yesterday when I was away for lunch. Doesn't bother me much ... I made myself a new one :D

So, this is my blog now ... threechordsoflife ... some of the best guitarists ever, could twist just them shitty little three chords around and make magic! Ya, I play a bit of the guitar ... I prefer to think I am a lot better than I really am :P ... and life as of know revolves around these three chords - music, madness and friends ... :)

I am a student, staying away from home. Life is good here in the hostel. I got a group of equally insane friends ... and lotsa lil' things make a great day - jokes, noise, dances (expect Johnny Lever not Michael Jackson), LAN games, drowsy lecture halls, great professors (role models), boring food, overdue assignments, excuses for work (or the lack of it) etc etc ...

I miss Ghar Ka Khaana, my parents and my sis ... something I realized after moving to the hostel more than a year back ... different city too ... so am always eager looking for a trip back home. Another thing: Mumbai rulzz ... Wada Paav rocks! Better not argue with me about this one. Period. :-)

So, this is the first post ... looking forward to posting regularly ... seeya around!!