My experiences with ... arguments ...

Song for the mood: Paranoid - Megadeth

Yes ... paranoid. That's what my friends call me sometimes ... which is not true. I just happen to - think more ... :-)

Ok! Coming to the topic, well the point is I like to have small 'verbal jousts' i.e. debates or discussions albeit in a sporting way with a touch of good natured humor in between. I think it is a great and refreshing way to pass time. The recent most debate I had was with Vijay and Santosh a few days back - the debate aside, they were quite sporting.

It is fun to argue, sometimes for another reason too; to observe how other people argue. Yup! It's great fun!

For instance there are the conservatives , "... well I agree with you fully but you see ... blah blah I am so boring blah blah... but I still agree to your first point ... ".

Their opposites are the ones who go like, "... fk u dude, whatever! I just don't give a shit! ... I know we are speaking the same shit but fk u anyways! ... ".

The truly most boring are the pausers, "... So I think its better to ... ummm ... hmmm what was it that I was thinking? ... ? ... ? ... (on hold) ... (I just took a bathroom break I hope you don't mind) ... (still thinking) ... yes! better to do it this way than ... (snore snore ... eh! ... sorry, what?) ... " Dude, first you put a guy to sleep then you rudely bring him to his (non)senses!

Some people I absolutely refrain from arguing with, after the first showdown, "... Oh you think I am wrong is it? ... Hmpff! ... now you did it! ... see my cheeks are puffed which means I am angry ... now my arms are crossed and I'm not looking at you ... so you better apologize and say I am the king of the world! ... I'm waiting ... I'm waiting ... ". I am affirmatively scared of these species ... the repercussions are ... nevermind :-)

Backseat drivers are just as annoying in this context; the one's who will interject a perfectly good argument and then insist to one, or sometimes both, of the people involved as to what they should say next. Well, and if you happen to ignore this gentleman it only encourages him further ... check it for yourself. Try out the following: set a trap for one such guy if you know any, and then when he starts giving the ideas, you and your partner in crime turn on him! You will get the laugh of your life on seeing his reactions!

There are others ... the spectators, the clowns, the Einsteins etc but they can more or less be traced to one of these elaborated here (he he!). And although I steer clear of the cry-babies, sometimes for the sake of a good argument I just don't give a damn!

All in all, all of these perfectly blend into this great confused world of ours. So ... what do you think? Am I right about this or am I wrong? Want to argue about it? :-)